Thursday, October 27, 2005

Thursday, the day...

not the band.

I'm up. It's early, not as early as the first time I was up. That was sometime around 5am and the only reasons to be up that late are coming home at an ungodly hour or pissing up a storm (as was my case). I wish someone told me as I got older that my bladder would shrink to a tenth of its former size. There are nights I swear I didn't drink a small lake and yet, I'm able to pass one. Not that this is of interest to any of you.

Yesterday, being my day off, of course I had to go into work. Why would I get a day off that allowed me to actually be away from my place of employment for a full 48 hours? I had to go in and take a written test and then get my hand to hand combat certification renewed. Everything went fine. I was just pissed cause every last one of the mouth-breathing, assholes I work with waited until the very last minute to get this done. I did however, take great pleasure in watching the majority of my co-workers sweat over the written portion of the testing. about deers in the hi-beams! As a result I had a very long wait to complete the physical part of my test. That being said, getting old is a bitch and arthritis is an even bigger bitch.

My ankles, elbows and knees ache like those of a veteran NFL lineman a year or so from retirement. That's bad considering I am 32, I will probably have to work until I drop dead. 9:10 is a much more civil time to be up. While I am out of coffee and what coffee I did have is giving me a bad case of grumbly-tumbly, a quick breakfast and visit to my office ( and when I say office I mean throne. And when I say throne, I mean toilet.) should remedy any and all ills.

On Sunday, I am supposedly going to Salem, MA with some co-workers. I guess I should be looking forward to this but in reality, I think I am going to come home more frustrated than if I were to get laughed at by the woman of my dreams, as I proposed. I've never been a big Halloween person, it's not like I hate the holiday, I just think there are better things to be concerned with as an adult. If you have children, then of course I would say embrace it, something to make yourself smarter.

I'm off like a prom dress. Time to go to the market and buy eggs for breakfast. In the last half hour or so, I have come to realize my day off breakfasts are unnecessary and somewhat indulgent. I am going to now cook for myself and maybe the money I save will allow me to do something more worthwhile like buy a book or have some more diet soda.

I hope you all are well.



Boogie Pants Donavan said...

Im gonna kick you in your coin purse you skirt wearing mangina
verification word- etlsx

Ktech said...

you know you are starting to age when you see ads for arthritis, restless leg syndrome, PAD etc and think...oh god i have that.

word: gdzmb