Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I remember a...

time when two in the morning was much more fun. Nowadays it's more of a testament to my lack of social life or a record of me babbling on about mindless nonsense.

Tonight, after a couple hours of sleeping and general screwing around, I managed to muster up enough energy to eat dinner. You see today was a wash. Not only did I not go to work, but I also didn't go back to the emergency room to get my knee x-rayed. I feel if you go to the doctor, the doctor should be fucking ready to handle your medical needs. Last night when I was in the ER, it wasn't that the X-Ray lab was broken, or even closed, they just had no one to run it.

Needless to say I was not happy. So instead of getting results and a diagnosis and a prognosis. I got, "wrap it in an ace bandage and ice it." Exactly what I told the doctor from another country I have been doing for two weeks. He injected me with steroids which killed the pain for about two hours and then brought it back with a vengence. At this point, I am considering having the lower half of my leg removed or just taking my own life.


8 diet root beers later I am still trying to write a decent post. Lately this seems like a futile effort. I appreciate the love I get from the 4-5 people who read / comment. Sometimes I think I am typing into an endless void, and then says something besides, " HEY POST SOMETHING MOTHERFUCKER."

The weather the past few days has been complete shite and my seasonal depression is starting to kick in. I'd like to buy one of those lights but, without getting a referral from my doc, I don't have the $200 my insurance company would cover most of, and we all know how much I love the doc.

A friend in California, I was IM'ing with just signed off. Now there are no more time zones for me to go looking for people to chit-chat with. So I fire up iTunes and listen to the Video Game News Radio, pretty much the best podcast out there. Not only can I get my geek on but the interaction in between the guys on the show is pretty funny.

Yeah this post is shit. Tomorrow there will be coffee, and I will try and be better.

I hope you all are well.


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