Sunday, December 18, 2005

People Have Been...

asking me what I want for Christmas.

World Peace.
to hit the lottery for enough to pay off my student loans and go to college for the rest of my natural life.
Be cured of my diabetes.

In that order or any other would be fine. If I were able to be able to get up and watch the news, eat a bowl of frosted cheerios and not be depressed by the fact that everyone in the world wants to kill everyone else & that the only people who call me are the student loan people looking for money, life would be ok.

But I guess I am asking for too much.

Frosted Cheerios haven't been in the house in ten years. In that time I still have owe on my degree (which I have yet to use) and people have killed each other since the beginning og time.

So I guess I will settle for enough time off for my knee to heal correctly, some medicine to stop the fucking excruciating pain I am in and to not lose my job since I got hurt at work. Apparently going out on disability is worse than fucking a newborn pony and then blowing up a school bus full of nuns and children.


Nothing but savages in this town.

I hope you all are well.



n.v. said...

JJ, you have the big D? I'm sorry.

How you been? Are you hating the holidays? I sure am.

n.v. said...


JackassJimmy said...

The holidays have been remarkably relaxing, mostly due to the lack of family drama. I did have to work Christmas eve and Christmas night, which due to the field I'm in, it comes as no surprise.

But overall the fat guy in the suit came and dropped off more shit I don't really need, although the bottles of sugar-free chocolate and caramel syrup to flavor my coffee will be nice.

As far as new years goes, I won't be doing anything crazy. I was going to a party being held by one of my co-workers but was not surprisingly, "uninvited" when I went out on injured reserve at work, and she had to fill the hole.

My knee is in about eleventy billion pieces and I must be a super hero cause for whatever reason, I am immune to whatever pain medicine I have been prescribed. I think the next time I go back I am asking for either weed or morphine. At least in Canada, I'd have a shot at one of those.

I hope your holidays were splendid. I'm glad to read that you and Oz are spending the quality time reading. Books and dogs are wonderful! I have been doing some of the reading but nothing I would post on the blog due to people laughing at me or I would feel bad if they thought I was endorsing a shitay book.

Thanks for poking your head in every now and again. It humbles me that you still come here.

Cead Mile Failte, is gaelic (irish) for a hundred thousand welcomes, which is what you have when you come here.

A healthy & Happy New Year to Family & Friends...and for Oz's asshole!