Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Ongoing Saga of...

my busted ass knee.

I went back to Sports Medicine Central on Friday. Doctor Good-guy came in and agreed progress had been made in my three week vacation from work. All of the sitting around, doing nothing, with the immobilizer from hell on, paid off. My knee looked better, less swollen at least, but was still fairly painful and as luck would have it, gave out on me as Dr. Good-guy put me through my paces.


Heir Doktor gave me another three week vacation and signed me up for physical therapy with the knee nazis. I look forward to building up my withered, Simon Birch-esque leg and being yelled at by women who played hockey and football in college and think I am a, "pussy" and should "just suck it up."

Yeah, so even more time to hang out and do nothing. I mean, read, productive and read books and watch movies and try not to freak out about not being able to do normal things like, not walk like a pirate.

Tonight I am heading down to the coast to hang with my parents. They are having a treadmill delivered tomorrow and as they both play mass at church on Sundays, the heathen must be there to accept the delivery at 7:30am. What the fuck? Who delivers that early? I know these clowns are not gonna show until two in the afternoon. If anything, I will get a good meal, a great nights sleep as there is no traffic at all on the island, and I will attempt to kick my moms ass at scrabble.

Wish me luck.

I hope you all are well.


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