Thursday, March 30, 2006

Baby it's warm...


The weather yesterday was phenomenal. I drove by banks who's thermometers read 75 degrees. I don't know about all that but it was at least 65 and that is a welcome change from all of the, "holyfuckohmygodicantbeleiveitstheendofmarchanditsstill100belowzeroout" bullshit we've been experiencing. Still, summer can't come fast enough for me. I mean...other than warmer days and nicer weather, I really have no cause for wanting summer to get her asap. It's not like I'm a pro-surfer or a stawberry farmer. Not a life gaurd or that kid in high school labled, "the bad seed" with a chip on his shoulder and a hog the size of Nebraska in his dickies. I just think I pine for summer cause people seem to be more relaxed and a little more forgiving. Now that I think about it, that's why in the pristine weather yesterday, I watched a mother scream at her young son, like he was the child she never, ever wanted. Too much of that shit going around and with any luck, she'll get hers.

I went on a hunt for a new bookstore yesterday. After breakfast, I drove and drove and drove some more. When I finally arrived at said destination, it was closed. Not like closed for the day or forever, but closed like it didn't open for another hour. Imitating John "Sunshine on my goddamn Shoulders" Denver, I jumped back in the F1 and drove and drove and drove some more. I was about 30 miles away from Hartford when I figured I should turn around. So I did and on my way back, in the middle of a sleepy little CT town, Putnam, I found another bookstore. I didn't stop cause traffic was a bitch and there was no place within a ten mile radius to park but I referenced it for the next sunny day drive.

Today includes going to a bullshits training at work, chores around the hizzo and maybe some reading...I'm not sure, I might not have time for all that fun. At any rate, I hope you all are well.


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