Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Old Scratch...

In thirty-three minutes, I will be thirty-three years old. I am celebrating with a roast beef sandwich and a bottle of water. I don't know if I can contain myself from all the excitement.

I have been working alot lately. This weekend I worked 40 hours in three days. Life has been somewhat of a bitch but with people being out and second team not picking any of the slack up, someone (me) has to man-up. I work tomorrow...only one shift. Then I am spending my weekend working. and I work a double on Friday and probably through the weekend. Overtime is good. I have some stuff I'd like to do with the money but I'm not really sure how much I am going to make. I know I will get killed in taxes, but I should finally have the money I need to buy an iPod. If not, well then I can buy some new shorts as the ones I have now are getting a bit big...not that this is a bad thing.

It was a tough shift at work today. You can't ever let your gaurd down, not ever. The older I get, the more spiritual I feel I am becoming. I don't mean like bible-thumpin' but if you're not reading anything else, it's not a bad book to pick up. Anyway...its been almost a year since the devil made an appearance. Tonight, he decided to come back in full force and while his entrance made a little bit of an impression, I told him to go fuck himself. That both me and my man JC did not welcome his ass, nor did we want it around, so get to steppin; cause there was nothing to see here. He looked at me like I was talkin' shit and maybe I was, but in the end you stand your ground, and JC has always got your back.

I watched someone wracked with convulsions, seizures or something just all over nasty. I watched as she fought for breath, as she struggle to stay conscious and in the end lost that fight. I watched as my team worked as a well-oiled machine to keep the guest alive. I watched and kept my composure as the devil shook this guest, winked at me and asked, "where is your God now?" I watched as a young form was turned into something resembling something from, "the grudge." Many people put faith in science. While I understand that, tonight the only science I was agreeing with was, "for every action there is an equal but opposite reaction." While my team worked, I prayed silently over the body, I hate myself for feeling somewhat embarrassed about that but I don't think people would have understood. For what it's worth, 45 minutes later the guest was up and talking and joking around. They had regained enough energy to walk to their room and lay down. Eventually the guest even came out to have a can of coke and then back to bed.

After third watch started, I left and went to Stoppie's. I picked up a bottle of water and roast beef on a bulkie roll. Not a great way to celebrate but what are you gonna do?

I hope you all are well.



tony said...

happy 33 JJ!!!

i hope it treats you well!


Egan said...

Happy 33 Jovial Jimmy!

Rude Cactus said...

Happy 33! Yes, I'm late. My bad!