Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Three Reasons Why...

today does not suck frog cock.

1. The Red Sox beat the fucking Yankees.
2. My Get Up Kids cd finally came in the mail.
3. Diet Berries & Cream Dr. Pepper is pretty good.

The weather is for suck, (as they say in Hungary) but you can't ask for everything at once. If you do, you are fucking greedy and should be ashamed of yourself. It's late and there is no way I should be up, but I have to do laundry so I can go to work with clean clothes tomorrow. As a result, I blog & drink more soda. Yeah, it's a terribly exciting night at Chez Jackass.

I am excited about going to work tomorrow. One of our long term guests is being transfered to another facility and that makes me happier than Michael Jackson at a nude cub scout meeting. So much weight will be lifted from my shoulders and things will be exponentially better at work, at least temporarily

laundry, soda, sleep.

I hope you all are well.



Anonymous said...

I'd like to try that new Dr. Pepper, but in the commercials their tagline is: Get Berried in Cream

That's just plain wrong.

Anonymous said...

I tried the new Dr. Pepper on your advice... it sucked donkey dicks. Kinda like Robitussin without the cough suppression.

Thanks, dude.
I totally got berried in cream while reaching for the blueberry cheesecake frozen yogurt.