Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Neither Rhyme Nor...

Reason. Sometimes I wonder if there is a reason that I do anything I do. More often then not, I can’t see rhyme or reason for any of it. Tonight was a prime example. I had just finished making the appointment with the nurse practioner that I did not want to make. The one who will be prescribing the drugs I don’t want to take. The drugs that will all but cripple my writing ability…or lack thereof.

I hung up the phone and there was a sinking feeling in my chest. Something akin to what it must have been like to be on the Titanic. So I surfed the internet for awhile, checked email & myspace and comments and after finding no love anywhere, decided I needed to go shopping. To the Apple store I went.

There it is folks, the 60gig, video ipod. I have been waiting and waiting and waiting and realistically, there is never going to be enough, “discretionary income” to allow me to purchase one outright, so I just went ahead and did it. Am I a little on edge, maybe but at least I have no excuse to not walk all over hell and back…I now have mobile music. We’re not talking about one disc here either. I have wanted an ipod for a long, long time; so much so that I am currently the last of my crew to get one. I even donated cash so other could replace their ipods before I had mine. I know what it’s like to rely on technology and then not have it. Thus, my purchasing of the 2 years of service.

After completing my order, DF Wrenchman called. He wanted to get coffee. I haven’t been much for going out lately but it was hot and an iced coffee sounded pretty good. I pulled on my shoes and ventured into the hood. We drank coffee and shot the breeze, not being rosy-cheeked teens can sometimes take all the fun out of life, sometimes it’s good to be old, to not have to deal with childish and mundane shit, like…high school. DFW asked if I had eaten yet. I had not, he offered to cook dinner and I accepted. We drove to his new apartment and on the way there passed the cemetery and ball field we played in as young, trouble makers. The ball field has since been fenced in and is patrolled fairly regularly by the local constables. Fuck the constables. DFW grilled up kielbasa and we watched Edmonton run out of gas in the first period. I drank my first ever Coke Zero and have to say, that’s pretty damn tasty for a soda sans sucre.

All in all a decent night: cool coffee, a hot meal and some luke warm hockey. I have spent many worse nights in the “fortress of solitude” eating Cheetos, drinking crystal light and wishing for a better life.

I hope you all are well.



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