Sunday, July 16, 2006

Someone's Gotta Do it...

The thing that hurts the most is having to take several hours to shake the cobwebs out in the morning. It could also be that other thing, the fundamental lack of respect, that hurts the second most. Anyone see where I’m going here? Anyone…Mr. McDonald? *tap tap* Is this thing on?

It’s quickly approaching 1pm here and as predicted, it’s hot as balls. This AM after I woke up and then woke up, I went in search of bug death. I normally cringe during any foray into the belly of the beast. The hell that is Home Depot. My one consolation was that I knew what I was looking for, (bug death & lightbulbs) and I was not going to require getting all tangled with some moron trying to sell me a riding lawn mower, “so I could suck the bugs up.” Yes, $1,500.00 is much better than $8. In and out, five minutes tops. It was great. No bs, no nonsense, no hassle. I checked myself out and was on my way.

As with any trip into the holy land of retail, I had to keep coaching myself to not make any unscheduled stops. No Target, Barnes & Noble or EB Games. “But Jackass, you have a B&N gift card. Why not indulge?” Yes, yes I do. I have two in fact, but I also have a sizeable pile of things to read at home and why create more clutter for myself? Library yo, LIBRARY!!!

I left retail hell and went to deposit my check from work. By that point it was almost 12:30 and I had to consume more than the mouthful of H2O I needed to take my pills this morning. I stopped in to a favorite old café, Café Such a Bagel. One low-carb spinach and garlic bagel and a decaf iced coffee later, I was back in the f-1 and on my way. I used to try and lie to myself. I told myself that decaf was just as tasty as the real thing. I am now going to publicly admit, that this is a falsehood. Decaf sucks, almost as much as Courtney Love.

This afternoon I am going on bug reconnaissance and then there will be some more reading, drinking of water and possibly some video games. I’m not sure what’s going on, I might not be able to fit all of that in.

I hope you all are well.


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