Saturday, February 24, 2007

Days go by...

I've never called myself a quitter, unless we talk about the time I took ice skating lessons early on in my life. Someone
just should have told me that was a bad idea and left it at that. The reason I mention quitting is, today I was expected to
be at work, and while I did not quit my job, I did call out sick. I mean every now and again, I think we all can say we need
a mental health day and to be perfectly honest, I was due. Things around the local grind have been fairly hectic and as I
have been the defacto boss, as my boss and my bosses boss have been on vacation or choosing to not come to work,
yours truly decided to take a long weekend.

In other news...

I would like to extend belated congrats to some of my favorite Minnesotans, Mary and Kevin H. Newly proud parents to
a health baby boy, I wish their family and friends all the best.

Moving right along...

Weather hasn't totally sucked as much this week. It's still cold but it did actually get warm enough for the second ice
age that surrounded my house to all but disappear. This is good as there are new gutters being put on. I watched the
special edition of Boondock Saints this week. Even if it was not the special edition, that film will always be special to
me. Sean Patrick Flanery is just a great actor. When you sit there and know you know someone from another film
but just cant place it, but they are not wearing any outlandish makeup or costuming, thats some good acting.

I have been experiencing somewhat of a drought of good tunes. Anyone listening to anything good? Anyone have
any suggestions for this jackass?

I hope you all are well.


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