Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Make it last...

When I got home from work last night I was tired.
Not just tired but like, beat with a sock full of nickles, tired.
Normally I would complain about this but since I had a migraine about to go off and 600mgs of Ibuprofen..who was I to say anything.
Swig of water, pills in my mouth and I think I was awake for the first two songs off of Phish's Billy Breathes.
There was not a shot in hell I was going to make Prince Caspian.

I slept.
I slept the good sleep.
The kind of sleep that makes you wonder if you are dead when you wake up.
Oddly enough, I had slept a little over four hours.
Again, I'm not going to complain cause it was a solid four hours
and I felt pretty good upon waking up.
I was jonzing for a soda so bad, I needed to hit 7-11
a little after five in the morning.

So I fired up the F1
who is still running hot
still a pain in my ass.
I realized I really wanted to listen to led zepplin
traveling riverside blues, a great song Plant and Co stole from legendary blues man
Robert Johnson
but I had to lament having no zepplin, no Johnson on the Gpod
so flogging molly had to suffice
and even though flogging molly reminds me of shewhosnameshallnotbespoken&trade,
I enjoyed listening to them on my cola quest.

Things are and have been weird as of late
we are all getting older
having mid-life crisises and surgeries
just trying to get by
doing what we have to
like drinking more diet soda than is humanly right
drinking three of one bottle to avoid a bottle of a different type

This feels like the summer that will never come
its been fucking cold and 40 for what seems like 10 years
yesterday was a motherfucker
it was hot and busy and of course...I was at work
everyone had the day off and those who didn't banged out of work
it was me and the Bro, holdin' it down like we always do
9 on 2 on the H unit and with even all the bullshits
Bro and I still threw a shutout
with no shout-outs
no 10q's
no kthnxbys
just be here tomorrow or else's

Or else what
or else I will have to use some of my bazillion vacation hours?
or burn some overtime
fuck you
I show up
even when I'm so miserable I could dine on a bullet
and you fucking assholes would never know it
cause I'm fucking awesome at what I do
I rule
and never in a million years could you even come close to my skills or work ethic
so don't even bother
cause look at all its gotten me

piles of bills I can't pay
a car I can't take on the highway
a love life as lively as Elvis
and a bright and shiny disposition
wait...maybe that was sarcasm
nope, guess not.

?'s comments, concerns?

I hope you all are well.


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