Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bottoms up....

The good and bad thing about blogging is that no matter what, you have to keep banging it out. You have to keep writing, otherwise, what the hell is it good for?

It's coming up on 2AM on a Tuesday night and I'm fucking drunk.

I'm talking drunk like it's Saturday night in Winona, circa 1999
when all was write and wrong in the world simultaneously.

Tonight was a decent night at work, not to much drama, not too much hassle...

Which may have been why I said yes to the invitation to go out after work, even though my drunk of a boss was not working.

Travelled down the ave and two streets over
to The Abbey, a watering favorite, with a
decent beer selection
and friendlier help

we chatted about old times
new times
times we'd
forgotten about
times expired

me, el capitan, D-lo and Buttacaramel
some of the sweetest
to sail the seas of
random adrift
even with faults
one could not ask for better co-workers
or better looking female co-workers

many topics of conversation covered
lines blurred
be they appropriate or other wise

old co-workers
reassuring me
my cock is
not small
but better than average
and who am I to argue
when the benefit of the doubt is given
and then asked to be seen?

all of this coupled with
promises of show and tell
at a later date
washed down with Newport Storms
lead to smiles on my face and
promises of very interesting dreams...

I hope you all are well.


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