Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tales of Long Gone Bye...

This just in...

Apparently the million dollar men and their lesser-paid constituents can't stay away from steroids, performance-enhancing drugs and yes, even vitamin-V. Read all about it here.

Walked to and from work yesterday. Good thing I left my house with plenty of time to spare as the high temps felt every bit of the 103 degrees they were projected at. It wasn't too uncomfortable though I did have plenty of water to drink, tunes to listen to and because I was not crushed for time, I didn't have to race with the devil to be on time.

I walked to the soothing sounds of Bad Religion. It was their probably most commercially successful release,Stranger Than Fiction that I listened to as I tooled around the streets of London in 1998. I can remember walking an hopping two different buses so that I could get to play rehearsal on time. In the mean time, Greg Graffin and the rest of the guys in BR serenaded me with melodic punk-rock anthems.

Our show, which was a compilation piece, that I will not name here just cause there are so many things that make me angry about the whole production, went up in an old onion shed in a sketchy section of London's Camberwell area. I can remember double timing it to get to a theater with less than perfect conditions. The show before ours, For the Love of a Good Man, was one of these gritty WWI deals and the whole performance area was covered in dirt. Imagine an English garage, in late October-early November, with minimal electricity and even less heat. To say that it was the most "bohemian" of experiences was an understatement. The dirt, the weather, the neighborhood...it was a great place to create art.

What this has to do with walking to work in 100 degree heat, I have no idea but I felt the need to share.

I hope you all are well.


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