Monday, May 27, 2013

Way back in...

1500 A.D.

when I lived in a land far, far away

in a place high on a hill

Federal Hill to be exact

A chance meeting took place and I was introduced to a magical being

one previously thought only to exist in the minds of artists, dreamers and children

but real as that final exam you really meant to study for and embodying a myriad of admirable qualities

“What did you meet?” you ask.

Well I met a candygnome© of course!

We all know gnomes to be creatures of invention or at least I had been under this assumption.

I was not completely wrong, just a bit off.

candygnomes© are similar to regular gnomes in that they are in fact gnomes

but, rather than spend their days tinkering and puttering around a workshop

creating geegaws and doodads that may or may not be of any use and at the very least


candygnomes© are free-spirited & consumed with creating art, telling stories, laughing and eating candy of course

Imagine my surprise arriving home from work and the roommate greets me and says, “look what I found!” I was dumbfounded and excited all at the same time

quickly I ran back out

around the corner

and bought skittles

peach rings

swedish fish

you know, standard candy gnome faire

returning back to the igloo we all called, “home”

the roommate, the candygnome© and I

ate candy and laughed and bullshitted

and giggles could be heard throughout the land

well at least on the darkest side street

behind the restaurant

next to the King of Domestic Violence

in an igloo

on Federal Hill

I hope you all are well.



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