Saturday, February 05, 2005

This Information Age

I have to admit I am a big fan of the advances technology has made. Just tonight alone I was able to talk with friends in New York City, St. Paul, and Los Angeles all within minutes of one another. My cell phone and computer afforded me the opportunities to speak with friends for free. 20 years go, I would have had to wait until Sunday afternoon for long distance rates to drop, in order to have the same conversations. Progress she is a great thing.

I took today out of work because I was feeling like a human faucet all last night and most of the morning. I know that maybe TMI for most of you but those who know me will be relieved that I was not more descriptive. Big movie watching day today. While I was rehydrating myself, I was able to watch The Forgotten, Cellular and The Rundown. All were entertaining but nothing stood out. I'm looking forward to watching the last installment in The Matrix Trilogy tomorrow night.

Other then that it's another wonderful day at the agency tomorrow. Hopefully I will remember to bring my badge keys and tool belt to work. Not having those things at my disposal makes for a very long day.

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