Thursday, March 17, 2005


Yes, I am trying to compensate for something w/ my huge glass.

I had an awesome post here but blogger ate it. So here I sit at close to three in the fucking morning typing about the hilariousness or lack thereof which is my life.

Sometimes being a super-hero is not anywhere near as rewarding as you'd think. Tuesday, by the end of my shift, I was at my wits end and just wanted to return to Jackass Central to relax. I jumped in the F1 by 3:10 and drove at breakneck speeds home. By 3:15, I was home, in shorts, and curled up in the fetal position, trying to enjoy a nap. My eyes snapped open at 4:45. I yawned, farted and grabbed the remote to hang out with my best friend, Dr. Phil. When I saw nothing but a black screen and heard nothing, I grimaced in disappointment and frustration. My cable had been shut off. Paychecks, from Superhero Central aka the Agency, sometimes get lost and therefore bills sometimes get overlooked or paid late.

Apparently the sweet people at Cox Cable felt the need to deny me my NBC, MTV and IFC. Thanks, douchebags.

As a result, I have been watching movies and reading for the last two days. Not that this is a bad thing, if anything, it's getting me ready for when I cancel my cable all together. Luckily for me, a Hollywood Video opened up less than a mile from my house. They are running a .99 cent grand opening special. With no idiot box, how could I resist? I went and picked up: Harold & Kumar go to White Castle, Ray, Ladder 49 & Anchorman. Out of those titles, Harold & Kumar was the standout favorite. Now before you get your pants in a bunch, I thought Ray was a great flick, I just felt it was a tad long. Ladder 49 on the other hand...SUCKED OUT LOUD!!!

I'm listening to Ani DiFranco's, Reveling and Reckoning and this dual disc set is fantastic. I highly recommend it. I'm also in love with Snow Patrol's, Final Straw. I was hesitant at first but that shit is good. When I have a spare $43, I'll go buy it.

The Funky Professor and I were supposed to go and shoot pool tonight, however, Ms. Professor was feeling a bit under the weather. The Professor and I are either going to hang out during the day tomorrow or shoot pool at night. Personally, I would rather do something during the day tomorrow as it is Paddy's Day. Every douchebag and their brother is going to be out tomorrow night.

Don't get me wrong, I love Paddy's as much as the next guy but I'm a spud-eating, Mic 365 and don't need an excuse to wear green and be proud. It's the fucking greaseballs without any green blood in them, who will be wearing their U2 t-shirts, while they sing, "Sunday Bloody Sunday" and make fucking drunken assholes out of themselves. Those are the people I would rather do without tomorrow night.

Has anyone seen my brother? If so, tell him to call my mom, and if he gets a chance me.

Erin Go Bragh!


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surly monkey said...

I won't argue with you about St. Paddy's day and I'm Scottish. After closing Hell, I'm going to go straight home have a Sierra and avoid all of the amatures.