Tuesday, January 24, 2006

So here I...

am, patient. I wait and wait and wait. Lately, most of my days have been filled with ways of trying to pass the time. Normally, I feel as though there are not enough hours in the day. Now it seems like there are too many. If I was not injured, plagued with a knee that is a source of pain like I've never experienced before, things might be better.

I might be inspired to go for a walk in the woods, to take more pictures of stupid shit, to read more books about nothing and write more shitty poetry.

My goal for today was to stay awake long enough to meet the postman. While that was no problem at all, (since I drank a whole pot of coffee,) netflix or the motherfucking postman skunked me. There was no dvd-love in this guy's mailbox. I am waiting with baited breath for my copy of, The Football Factory, a film recommended me by the guys on VGN Radio. Looks like a pretty good and gorey foreign film on soccer hooliganism. What's not to love about hooliganism?

In other news...

FUCK scAMAZON RIGHT IN THE SHIT-BUCKET!!!! In their attempt for global, retail domination, they have managed to take my trust and loyalty and throw them right out the fucking window.

Long story short, I bought a present for a friend for Christmas / Birthday and what not and the delivery got delayed...and then never showed up...and was then reordered and I was told if the other delivery was not found, I would be charged for that too. So after several heated emails with amazon customer service reps, I noticed I was already double charged for said gift.

Yeah, fuck that noise. I am about at my wits end and just want to get my friend his gift and not pay $200 for it. In the amount of time this debacle has gone on, I could have purchased the gift myself, driven it to CA and been back already.

A word to the wise. If you have a wishlist on amazon, & you have your address hidden for privacy reasons, just know that this will keep you from being able to track your orders. Helpful amazon reps will also not reveal tracking info, EVEN IF YOU CAN PROVIDE THEM WITH THE ADDRESS IT IS GOING TO. When this is all said and done, I am most likely going to try and avoid shopping with amazon, though this is probably going to be impossible since they are hosting most major online sites.

Fuck Jeff Bezos, his lackluster, less than helpful customer service dept. and his mountain of fucking money!!!

I hope you all are well.


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n.v. said...

JJ, don't get me heated and fucking loony over Amazon. This Marketplace seller by the name of DVD LEgacy has fucked me royally over an order I made three months ago. They told me to return the damaged items and then won't respond to my emails over my missing refund.

I hope these dill sucking motherfuckers rot in hell. I will harrass them until my dying day.