Friday, January 13, 2006



right now I have been conscious for the longest stretch in a few weeks. I think I am going on 9, maybe ten hours.

This is big considering I needed the painkillers in a muy importante way today.

I am debating what to have for dinner, but I can assure you it is going to come from Golden Crust cause their grub is tasty and thrifty, and when you are out of work and broke, bargain hunting and thrift is a necessity.

Not that I'm dead broke. I'm still getting a check even though I'm hurt, but if doc says I need surgery next friday, who knows how long I'll be on the injured reserve list?

Golden Crust delivers but I will pick up. Sorry driver, but Jackass needs the extra dinero for something.

I know once I eat, its gonna be lights out cause, well...I have been awake all fuckin' day!

Still, i received a very nice package from Naughty Michelle today, filled with rainbows, love notes and several books I have yet to read. Consciousness would help me to make a dent in those. She went through all the trouble of sending some twin-cities love to me, least I can do is finish the books toot sweet.

I still say the hardest word in the engrish language to pronounce is Pahlinuk, as in Chuck, the guy who wrote Fight Club and some other shit. When I used to work at B&N, the corporate bookstore from hell, I used to laugh as adults would shit themselves with embarrassment trying to say that name.

Followed more of Reverend Tony Pierce's advice today and downloaded some Matthew Good Band from iTunes. I was NOT disappointed! Beautiful Midnight is good in that listen & smile kinda way. I wanted to buy "In a Coma" but I'm not ready to shell out the $52 bucks scAmazon is asking. Maybe I was looking at the wrong page? It was a bit early and the cobwebs were still in effect.

Spinach Calzone w/ cheese or Roast Beef Slamwich?

I dont know...

I have been eating a ton of veggies lately. Losing some lbs and my rectum, damn near killed em' seems to be in good shape. I may just well go with the finest of lunch meats.

How are all of you? What's on your mind? Let's talk about it. Don't be shy, I have a link up top to g-mail me if you don't want people all in your business. Take the plunge.

I hope you all are well.


P.S. I've never, ever had a boner in math class.

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tony said...

hey glad you liked Matt Good!

i have In A Coma, and for me the best part is the DVD - first you watch them, then you listen to Matt and the Director talk about them in the 2nd audio channel.

anyways, amazon US is $52 but will be cheaper.