Thursday, February 23, 2006

I hate...

illness. Especially when I gots shit to do. I thought of posting pictures of, but when you got a face that scares women and children, posting pics of your lovely mug when you are ill is not the best idea either.

yeah, I know I haven't been posting what? I talk when I talk, when I feel I have something to say, blogger will not dictate this. Not even the coolest people around talk everyday. Actually, in my mind, its the people who don't talk all that much at all but when they do, they have some great shit to say, that are cool.

Dubya...that motherfucker should open his mouth to eat and that's it. Fred Durst should have his mouth welded shut and V.P. "shotgun" dick, well all that ever comes out of his mouth is, "blah blah blah...I"m the origin of evil...blah blah blah."

I need food, or sleep or coffee.

Go fuck a goat!


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