Wednesday, June 14, 2006

There are some...

benefits of being a bachelor. I have yet to find a majority of them but I do know, being able to make vacation reservations for one and being able to eat meals that would kill most normal people 3-4 nights a week is definately a plus.

There has not been a whole lot for me to write about lately. Not an excuse, I just figured people would rather me not write at all, rather than just complain and bitch and complain. Anyway, things are what they are and for what it's worth I will give you the updates I have.

May brought rain, rain and more motherfucking rain. It was the kind of rain one could not get away from, the kind of rain which soaked through to the bone and that chilled you hours after being warm and dry, the kind of rain that falls in Edinburgh, except you mind this rain.

Luckily I had plans for Memorial Day weekend. I jumped a plane to the Midwest, MN to be more exact. Instead of chilling rains and gray skies, I was going to the land of chilling temperatures and 10,000 lakes. I left Rhode Island worrying that I had forgotten to pack a coat, a hoodie or just a little something to keep the pre-summer chills off of me.

The further west I travelled, the better the weather seemed to get. I haven't seen skies as blue and as clear as I did in Milwaukee. The view from the airport was fantastic and when we hit the ground in Minneapolis/St. Paul, the pilot informed us the local weather was a low of 73, with a high of 95...a temperature of 80 degrees at 11pm. So much for needing a jacket!

I walked what seemed to be the Appalachian trail to get to my rental car. See, when you have no money and fly the discount airlines, MIDWEST, ( the way, I would recommend to ANYONE) you are made to walk a little in regard to making a connection or to pick up a rental. This is especially true in MSP. So I got to Avis and they told me for $3 more a day, I could have a convertible Ford Mustang.

Now, I know what you are all thinking. TAKE IT!!! However, being jackassjimmy, a guy with a lead foot, who always has automotive trouble before coming to MN. (2001 loss of license and $700 speeding ticket) I decided to stick with my Toyota Corolla. With gas prices being what they are, there was no need for me to have a few extra ponies under the hood. Besides, I drove the Corolla around all week, with the air on and only had to put $11.50 in when I brought it back. Not too shabby.

I drove to Fat Guy's house as he guided me in. Lucky there was no traffic on 94 or 35 so the drive took me like 20 minutes, although I have to be honest, there were times I was not conscious of the speed limit and I'm sure I was doing like 65 in a 40. Such is life. Fat Guy met me and helped me with my bags. It was good to see him as it had been about three years and we had limited time to hang out on my last visit into town. Something about him getting married or something.

The next few days, I spent with Mr. & Mrs. Fat Guy, Fat Guy's parents and in-laws. It was a good time and there can never be enough beers drank in MN. I mean, we drink here in Rhody but to sit in the garage and put a case down in an hour or so, that's just not right. On my second night in town, Citrus Queen called me and let me know she was in town and that she wanted to get together for drinks or whatever.

We met at McGovern's, a cool bar and eatery, not that anyone did much eating. Citrus Queen was radiant as ever and she brough some more old friends, Curly and Bex with her. All in all good times seeing everyone. True to form, JJ decided to make the jump to light speed and stopped drinking grain belt and thought shots would be a good idea.

Long story short, I end up outside of the West 7th tap, with my head in a bag and not knowing why the bag is so's not like I had anything to eat all day.

To be continued.

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