Saturday, July 15, 2006

Not Subway...

Sometimes stuff around here gets so weird, I don’t know which end is up. Today consisted of weather reports telling me it was going to be hotter than summer in the Sahara in August. In case that’s not hot enough, someplace really fucking hot, is what I was told life is going to be like for the next week or so.

At any rate, heat of that caliber, while not being great fat-guy weather, is awesome for producing some ass-kicking thunder storms. Jackass is a huge fan of the T-storms, so even though I may knock on death’s door due to dehydration, the sound and the fury should be worth the price of admission.

Recockulously easy day at work today, one can never have too many of those. While I didn’t have to shoot, kung-fu or rescue any other member of the team, I did have to stay awake. Sometimes when it’s hot and you’re walking the yard, it’s tough to keep the lids on your eyes open. Especially when your sunglasses are “the good kind.” Word on the street is that we’re getting a repeat offender in next week sometime. While I will be in hand-to-hand training all week, I do know this particular individual and this could be the end of our dry spell. For the most part, J-Unit has been pretty quiet, but when it rains it pours. Or maybe it doesn’t as the meteorologists in this area don’t know their ass from page four.

I got home from work and spent time with a good book on the deck. While I read, I was torn in two different directions due to someone banging the latest lil Jon diddy about 4 blocks away. As I turned pages to fingers being snapped, someone a few yards over had fired up the stove and was, I assume…metalsmithing.

The repetitive clank-clank-clank for the better part of three hours, coupled with the smell of burning wood clued me into the fact the revolution is upon us and it will be fought with a two-handed, bastard sword (+5) damage / no saving throw. A little silly but it’s the small things which give you a chuckle and keep you from fire-bombing Starbucks.

I just gorged on a chicken Caesar pita from some chain I am ashamed to mention and I have to admit, it was very tasty. That having been said, I need to grab the i-pod and go for a walk.

I hope you all are well.



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