Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Now that things...

Are back to normal and the Boston Red Sox are World Champions again, things such as sleep can again have a place in my life. There are few things harder than getting to work for seven-am, when your favorite baseball team kept you up until two-three (sober or not so much) in the morning. However, since I am pretty sure I will be layed off within two weeks, 10-15 minutes late is not going to keep me up at night.


While at work this weekend, I overheard part of a funny phone conversation. Someone who recently came to work on my unit, has turned out not only to be funny, but generous and a good person to boot, was having a conversation about music with someone on the phone. While I can usually do a great job of tuning anything out, what I am about to write here made me laugh out loud.

Co-worker: Yeah I think so, no I'm going to buy the Something Corporate.

Friend on Phone: .....

Co-worker: I don't know, I've never really heard them before.

Friend on Phone: .....

Co-Worker: No, they aren't.

Friend on Phone: !!!!!

Co-Worker: No, They Aren't! Dashboard Confessional are not just for fat, white girls from Wisconsin!!!

At this point, the coffee I was drinking almost shot out of my nose at the speed of light. I apologized as soon as she hung up. I then explained going to college in SE, Minnesota, I knew many white girls, fat or not from Wisconsin. I continued to explain that while her friend's observation was astute, it was somewhat off the mark. White girls from Wisconsin are more of the Dave Matthews, Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson ilk.

Then we both had learned something and also had a good laugh.

Today W returns from his trip to the dirrrty south, which is good cause shits were getting boring around here. I also have to write a paper on growing trends in health care and how they will affect my job and society as a whole.

Anyone want to make some quick $$$?

I hope you all are well.


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