Wednesday, July 02, 2008

File this under

even more boring than math class...

So I've got nothing, literally nothing for you. I'm out. Empty like Paris Hilton's Head and my bank account.

The new news, is that I haven't been sleeping all that well. I think it's a seasonal thing but, but to be honest,
the nights have not been all that intolerable around here. Summer has finally decided to show up and the best
way I can describe it is

this morning, when I finally decided to pull my ass out of bed, it was warm, even for a little before eight.
I showered, and as soon as I was out and reasonably dry, I could tell it was going to be warm outside and
I needed to get to the grocery store, cause I was out of food.

Walked out of the crib and cursed my dumb ass for leaving my sunglasses in D-lo's car the other night. It was
bright and hot and in general, way too much for not the morning person I am. Made it to and through the grocery
store without too much fanfare. Came home and made poached eggs on dry wheat toast....mmmm(not so much)

Now, here I sit, doing the clackity-clack thing, putting some thoughts down before I drive up to my aunts and throw
my big ass into the pool for the first time this summer. I promise to learn to take pictures sometime soon. Until then
we'll just have to get by on my awesome writing skills.

I hope you all are well.


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