Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Strange things are a foot

by the grace of the internet I've been reconnected
with someone I never in a million years
thought I would see or hear from
ever again

at first I wasn't sure how to feel about it
over time
it has grown on me
and I dare say, it's probably the best thing
to happen to me in the last five years
if not in my life

thats not to say there is not a ton of
bullshits and frustration in my life
there are still
broken water heaters, refrigerators
and bills aplenty to be paid

but now there also are
late night conversations
filled with “what ifs”
and “let's make plans to”
which is new ground
uncharted territory
so to speak

and I have to admit
even though the butterflies
still have a home in my stomach
I smile a little more each night
before I fall asleep

I hope you all are well.


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