Monday, April 15, 2013

Taxes got done...

and I could give a shit about anything.

more meatballs made today
dinner was just alright
I think I maybe getting a little stressed out
by life

like that is something new
but at any rate
I will learn to deal
cause that is the option available

it's tough feeling like
the stitches you don't have
are getting torn from you
when you sneeze, cough, breathe too much

never want to do the catheter experiment again
end is still too far off to begin any sort of countdown
and even then, I worry about
shit not being right when its done

springing a leak, you know
or other processes and sensations
being impeded
or replaced by pain

but like George Michael says
"you gotta have faith"
I think I'll stick with hope
cause that shit springs eternal

time to get some zzzzz

I hope you all are well.


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