Wednesday, April 10, 2013

City of Westminster...

the year was 1998

and after 4 sweltering and sweaty months
landscaping in the land of ten thousand lakes
I was on my way from here

to here

Hey look kids, Big Ben, Parliament.

Excited, hell yes
first time out of Norte America
and had a passaporte to be stamped
things were on the up and up
lost 50 pounds over the summer
a result of ramen three meals
a day
and not to many tasty beverages
busting my ass
working like a field hand all summer
had paid off
and now I was able to call


Just by changing my latitude
my attitude had also changed
even though Slick Willy had just
dropped a whole bunch of bombs
on basically everyone in the neighborhood
after initially spitting on us for being amerikkkan
once they realized we are not all jackwagons
thing were all good
and when I walked into the door at

I didn't have to dodge spit
or worry about having shit thrown at me
my only worries were
getting to class on time
finding a place close by to buy toilet paper
and figuring out how much money a guy needed
to buy beer

I hope you all are well.

cheers hk,

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