Monday, March 07, 2005

I Just Don't Know.

So, I was able to pull off the green hair incident without too much trouble. Work was simply work today. No more of a pain in the ass than usual. Actually, some agents and guests of the Agency were able to sit down and play texas hold em' for a good portion of the morning. Looking forward to getting paid thursday, I have some things to take care of.

Speaking of being broke...

Can someone tell me what Darius "Hootie" Rucker spent all of his money on? Enough money so he has to whore himself out to BURGER KING?!?!? Many times I will be watching tv or be chillaxing at the pub, and there will inevitably be someone who thinks they are Celine Dion and will try do outdo her in karaoke. I often feel sympathy for these people because it is obvious they have no idea how big of an asshole they are making of themselves. When I saw the new Burger King commercial, the one wear Mr. Rucker sings the praises of a chicken sandwich, I wanted to fall through the floor in embarrassment.

Here is a guy who fronted a big band. Ok, they were not huge but big enough to be on MTV and for every hayseed's mama to enjoy hearin' them boys sing n play the geetar. Now we find our hero walking through fast food fantasy land, dressed like Cletus effin' Ranchero, strumming his guitar and bending over in front of Burger Royalty.

Not since I realized that Lawrence Fishburn dressed up as, "Cowboy Curtis" on Pee-Wee's Playhouse, have I felt such shame and pity for someone in the entertainment field. Ok, I have to stop or I am actually going to feel bad.

Sometimes when it's late at night, and I'm all alone, I think about llamas.

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