Thursday, March 24, 2005

I should be sleeping...

but it's my weekend and I need to make the most of it. Went into work today for the mandatory meeting. Of course no one showed up, cause it was mandatory. So myself and a few others sat around with El Capitan and shot the breeze. An hour at time and a half is and hour at time and a half.

Came home watched Saved with Jeanna Malone, Macaulay, Mandy Moore and that fucking kid from Almost Famous. Decent flick, not life changing, but funny in spots. I went to college with kids like about not living in reality. I rip on them and yet they are all more successful than I am. I guess success is how you define it. Anyway I look at it, I still have a way to go.

Short nap after movie
woke up starving
well not starving cause I have never been without food
but feeling hungry
craving something I could not put my finger on
until I read craigslist
talk of a new shawarma joint on the east side
search for phone # for new shawarma joint
no dice.

Put on pants, hoodie and jacket walk out the door
it's fucking snowing again
you've got to be kidding me
no one on the road, they fear blizzards
no batteries, bread or milk on store shelves.

On the east side, no place to usual
three streets up and one over and I am walking in heavy snow
snow is cold, my clothes provide little protection
find restaurant happy to find it is not closing anytime soon
guy behind counter is friendly, lets me sample falafel...mmm tasty
I'm sold

Older woman comes in out of cold, jumps ahead of me and starts to bark an order
she has no manners but I have no where to be
I signal to guy behind counter it's no big deal, to take her order
she must be very hungry, she orders a lot of food
maybe for family, for husband or friend
maybe she fills holes with food, like I do.

There are scars around both sides of her mouth
I make an inappropriate joke to myself and chuckle
I know about ridicule and scold myself
she turns to leave and mumbles something to me
"I'm sorry" I say having not heard her
she asks if I would like to have my cards read
she has a shop right next door
I am a sucker for this sort of thing
however I am also thrifty
I tell her I am all set and pray she didn't hear the comment I made to myself.

Nice guy prepares my food, chicken shawarma & falafel
we chat briefly he asks me how I found him
craigslist I say
he had no idea
we both laugh at our good fortune
I grab a diet vanilla cherry Dr. Pepper (which I will find to not taste any different from normal Diet Dr. Pepper) and head home

I want to take pictures with my digital camera
but it's snowing like a bitch
cameras not even paid for yet
food is getting cold
I have things to do at home
like eat, get fat, watch tv

I pray the snow does not stick
I'm tired of Winter
of cold
of having to dig out before going to work
I curse the fates, the New York Yankees and Old Man Winter for being a clumbsy mother fucker and slipping only to fall and die in New England
the plows outside my window are louder than the music in my head phones
it's 2:30 and I'm thinking of going out again
I need a cup of coffee and there is no milk
Tim Horton's would be nice but at this point it would be easier to drive to Hawaii

I hope you are all well.


Anonymous said...

i was raised in an eastern orthodox church..lebanese food was a way of life. falafel's are damn yummy. should try sfiha..freakin good.

JackassJimmy said...

thanks for the comment. Any advice on how to pronounce the dish you recommended? I would hate to offend anyone by butchering their language, let alone their food.

Anonymous said...

you are so welcome, sweet lil elfy. the pronunciation is as follows: sveeha