Saturday, July 02, 2005

Do I wanna eat???

To a bachelor, this is a silly question. I just called the, "W" to see what his plans were for tonight. Apparently the copious amount of Malibu and Patron we drank last night with El Capitan and others was not enough to kill either of us. "W" said his mother was just pulling out the watermelon and that I should come by cause, "there are plenty of beers." That statement alone is enough to make me want to stay home.

Not that I was sick, hungover or anything like that this morning. I just have been doing some thinking lately and it just kills me that I can't get together with my friends without there being a minimum of $50 of booze involved. Now I am not preaching the tea-toting, nor the straight-edging, I'm just saying it seems as though our common bond has become booze and for some guys who have done some serious hanging out...that's kinda sad.

I hope you are all safely enjoying your weekend.


Anonymous said...

I ran into this problem myself. Now I don't hang out with those people anymore and I think I'm better for it. I have more money, feel better and actually have some direction in my life other than my next buzz...

But boy were those fun times!

n.v. said...

I don't drink..I get drunk on one glass and am a social disaster because of this. So I avoid it. You can hang out with me for free.