Wednesday, March 01, 2006

It's been a...

tough week already. We've lost Don Knotts and Darren McGavin and if anyone is lucky...Dick Cheney will drop dead in about ten minutes. We couldn't get that lucky cause then it would be open season on W's ass.


I haven't been posting much lately, not really sure why. I've had thoughts and opinions, saw a movie or two, even listened to a cd. Sometimes baring all for everyone becomes somewhat of a burden. Now, I'm not saying I find my blog burdensome, if anything the complete opposite, but lately there have been times when despite the ungodly amount of coffee consumed... I am actually tired. I am taking this as a sign from my body to go to bed. The inevitable return to work looms probably just over the weekend and well, I'm ready.

The knee is not 100% but I don't think it is ever going to be again. I will continue the therapy but I think the rest of the healing lies within time and prayers. "Did he just say prayers?" Yep, he did. Not to get all Jesus-y on anyone, I have been getting more in touch with my spiritual side, and not in that way you sickos. It's just something I have struggled with for the better part of my life. There was a time when blind obediance was part of my vocabulary, kind of like supporting your president.

Then I learned about free-thinking, free will, and discention. I learned it's ok to have an opinion outside of the norm and that there are people who, when they are not dying for oil or to make the richest motherfuckers on the planet even richer, are defending my life and personal freedoms. Grateful, of course I am. It just sucks good people have to get jammed up and in some cases die cause the US Government is fucked. That's all I have to say about that...

Moving right along...

Last night I was wired on coffee and tempted to post but my ramblings would have been less intelligible than Beckett's best stream of consciousness stuff. Occassionally, I will get a case of "cornholio" and just want to pontificate about nothing in general.

It's times like these that naps or marathon video gaming sessions are very helpful. Yes, if I were a crayon, I would be the color of, "dork."
During the college, the purple haze may have been just as effective, but those days are long gone.

Last night was interesting in that I had several revelations:

1. I'm too tense/high strung/ up-tight.
Could be the coffee, could just be part of who I am but the more I think about it. The more I realize I don't let myself have any fun. (Boom, now is not the time to chime in) Part of the new year will include sporadic letting go. Whether or not it is documented here has not been determined yet.

2. You need to live life to have something to write about.
I think many people/bloggers, myself included, think life is just going to happen around them and provide for endless material to post on. This is not true. There are only so many posts one can read about Grey's Anatomy or the lastest episode of the "L" word. After a while, no one gives a fuck anymore.

3. Have sex with every redhead, every other brunette and every third blonde you can.
I have no idea where this idea came from but it was revealed to me in my sleep, so I must go with the assumption this message is divine. Who am I to argue with the Great One? I am of course assuming this theory is unisex, so ladies, please feel free to indulge the men in your life, or more

Hmmm.....seems as though the AM coffee and Jimi Hendrix are making me a bit itchy so, I need to get up on outta here. I will however leave you with this.

Buckcherry's new single, "Crazy Bitch" from their forthcoming album "Fifteen" will be the Stripper Anthem of 2006. You heard it here first.

Rest in Peace gents...

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Anonymous said...

I knew you'd see it my way.

Here's what I'm proposing:
Rent a large Ford
Find some italians
Get drunk
Do something that you'll regret

Wake up
Blog your ass off
Forget it all ever happened
Go on living