Tuesday, June 03, 2008

No rest for me...

8:11am and I feel like I ate a case of cat fart sandwiches

mechanic told me part for F1 would not be in until Tues-Wed
after a 16 hour double, including an overnight
without my goddamned cellphone cause I was in a rush
cause I had to walk to work
and walk home
I get home and all I want to do
but the fucking
of cell phone says, “not yet bro”
and I get the call
that car is fixed and they are going to lock er up'
all of this
at 6:15pm
on Munday
can't a guy catch a break?
with any luck
this won't cost me eleventy-billion dollars
cause other motherfuckers are hollerin'
for a taste of my cream
and I take life like I take my coffee
black and empty like my
bank account

I hope you all are well.


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