Monday, July 28, 2008


Not in my White House! I mean seriously, how much of a tool box can one be before the country just says, "NO"?

Why in the hell would anyone think that leaving kids in orphanages or in the custody of foster parents, (where honestly, they may or may not be in a less than pleasant living situation) is better than providing them with a loving home, albeit with two parents of the same sex?!?! Seems to me that good ol' Johnny Boy is more concerned with punishing the gay community and taking away their rights to be parents. In addition to this "enlightened" view, he also gets to make gay people, interested in adopting children, feel like second class citizens because, "same sex parenting goes against the moral fiber of this country."


So doesn't cheating on your wife or screwing male prostitutes in airport bathrooms, but that hasn't stopped some esteemed members of congress.

Give me a break.

I hope you all are well.


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