Friday, May 24, 2013

Lately there has

been a lot of this:

11:00 That’s it. I’m done. Going to bed.
1:30am Man, I hate not being able to fall asleep
3:30am Please...Please...Please Mr. Sandman, come on down...
5:30am Oh good, skunked again. Well at least it’s time for my 45 minute nap. The one where I will snap awake, in 43 minutes and then get up cause what the fuck else am I going to do?

Normally the aforementioned events would not be so bothersome to me. However, over the past few months, having had several invasive medical procedures, the fact I can neither position myself comfortably in bed, nor rest for more than an hour or two consecutively, has grown quite tiring, for lack of a better word. While I have always been an advocate for sleeping too much being for losers and dummies, I now wholeheartedly embrace the idea of knowing I have to say when. Due to this epiphany I’m guessing my prior actions have somewhat jilted the sleep fairy and she is not going to come back until she is good and gd ready.

more later...

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