Monday, December 16, 2013

If I said...

I woke at 7am that might be somewhat of an exaggeration. However, if I said I woke about ten minutes to 7, was up and dressed and had the dogs out, relieved myself and took out recycling by 7am, that would not.I put myself to bed last night at the obscene hour of 3:29am. I watcher Zero Dark Thirty earlier in the night, dicked around on facebook for awhile and had hopes of finishing the book I'm currently reading but you know, road to hell and all that.

So... I listened to an episode of Aisha Tyler's, Girl on Guy podcast, one I had not heard before, with one of my most favorite comics ever, Bill Burr! That took me to 3:29 am and by that time, my back was hurting to the point that breathing was becoming somewhat painful. Rather than take more ibuprofen, I laid down and started, Dark Side of the Moon. Yeah, that was not going to work so, I switched over to this guy, Tom Segura
After the change, all was good in the hood, as the kids are fond of saying these days. I've only just recently discovered Tom. I like his comedy. It's like observational humor but with an edge. Loss of consciousness due to chuckling, only to wake a mere three hours later. Apparently I had a hair across my ass about getting shit done today. We'll see how that goes.

I hope you all are well.



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