Tuesday, December 10, 2013

It's the first...

snowfall of the year and the picture to the left reminds me somewhat of the street I grew up on, except there would be less trees and more dog shit-style triple-deckers. Even so, it was still a decent place, until I was about fifteen or so. Even then, there could have been MANY worse places to live. It's all about perspective, at least that's what I believe &  what I tell people.

The big holiday is right around the corner and even though there are less than a month of Sundays before the big day arrives, you'd never know it here. Maybe two houses on the street lit up. We've got a wreath with lights and stuff but, it's over the fire place and not on the door or anything, There is not an official boycott on the big holiday but I'd be lying if I said things are not tight. Between my medical issues and others medical issues in my family, we're pretty much glad to just be alive. I'm putting myself to sleep with this post.

In addition to my usual well wishes, I'd like to ask everyone to be a little nicer to everyone, not just those people who need it, and there are certainly those, but until you've walked a mile in their shoes, you have no idea what they go through. Evan as uncomfortable as my shoes or shoe as the case may be, have been this year, I would not trade them with most people. So, do what you can. I'm not asking for sainthood here. Hug someone who needs it. Call or email a friend. Mend a friendship that has fallen by the wayside. Tell someone you love them. Honestly look at what you have and be grateful.

I hope you all are well.


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