Wednesday, July 22, 2015

What the actual...

foot doctor said, your foot is busted, stay off of it...

regular doc said your physiology is busted you need to get up and move your ass or shit is going to get serious...

now what in the actual hell am I to make about all of this?
yesterday, i may have been the first guy this summer, no in all of recorded history, to be on the gd elliptical machine,
in a cast and boot
that's exactly what I needed.
something else to ellicit stares from people who look at me like my struggle is
more hopeless than anyone elses

just cause that dude wearing the tapout shirt
grunts louder
than anyone else
and can lift all the plates on the leg press
(BFD let's see his porcine ass squat more than 50lbs)
does not mean he is in better shape

were it not for this gd cast
and boot, to boot
to a cardio-carnival
i would challenge him
and in the words of one of my favorite motivational speakers,
Eric Thomas, "YOU WILL NOT OUT WORK ME..."

bruthafucka i will DIE on that elliptical, treadmill, bike, arc trainer, hand bike
and whatever other kind of cardio non-sense you can throw at me
before i quit before you

a time ago
i thought i was done with tattoos
but i may have been wrong
in funky script
up the side of my
sounds like a good

i know that shit is going to hurt
and if i was a crayon
my color would be

life is about compromise
one doc says sit
another says come
im the only dog in my race

so today
im sore like
a whore on

and that shit makes me cranky

I hope you all are well.



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