Monday, July 02, 2012

Three times 3

You know what being the, "I told you so..." guy gets you?

Not many dinner invitations.

At any rate I recently learned of karma finally making its way back around the universe and really laying the smack down on a friend of mine.

just two short years ago, I would have taken a certain, measurable amount of pleasure in learning this but, we change, we grow, we try and let go of the things that we maybe shouldn't like about ourselves so much.

Though it's often said, it does not ring truer for me in this instance, "don't judge until you walk a mile in anothers shoes." We all walk and have walked many, miles in our lifetime. With good health and good fortune, we will continue to walk a great while longer. While our paths may cross and diverge, the importance of the journey is learning along the way.

Not the type of gear you had
How much gear you had
how many people carried you

What did you take away from the journey?

If your only answer at the end is, "a bad back and a lot of sand in my shoes."

What's the point?

I hope you all are well.


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