Thursday, July 09, 2015


I'm too gd big for this shit!

i really only have one thing to say right now and it is this: "IT IS 2k&MUTHFUCKIN'15, there is no need to be without air conditioning.

the heat is too damn high! First order of business when I get back on my feet and get a full-time job, is putting away money for one of those ductless units. i can't be expected to live and be productive when every waking moment i have, makes me feel like a suzy-Q, just laying inside the gd package, doin' nothing besides laying there sweating and being fat and greasy...'s not even august yet.

in order to get to sleep tonight, i will stand in the shower until sufficiently cool
then make a quick albeit wet transition into bed, in front of a fan thusly insuring i wake on the morrow with pneumonia, a sore throat and a broken back

nothing but savages in this town

I hope you all are well.


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