Monday, April 04, 2005


Today was my birthday.

I managed to ignore it for most of the day. Some people at work had a cake and we took a short break from our secret agent duties to remind each other we're still human. It was weird celebrating my birth, when all I wanted to do was forget.

Don't get me wrong, I don't have a death wish or anything, I just kinda wanted to go to work and have Monday be Monday and not my Monday, my birthday. However I made it through the day with no lasting scars. This is a good thing.

I received cards and well-wishes from all those important to me. my brother even called which shocked the shit out of me. Apparently we are going out for drinks tomorrow night.

not one goddamned friend of mine from college called, email, txt msgd, snail mailed or so much as waved at me today. Thus my post work birthday ritual of a meal, and then shopping at Target.

Snow Patrol, Rise Against and Atticus /Dragging Lake v3.

I was informed I need to get out more. That I should go out and meet women my own age. I was told I would soon be going to a local martini bar and that I should dry clean a suit if need be. I don't have a stock portfolio. I don't even have a retirement plan. I don't drink martini's, in fact I think I am addicted to diet orange slice. I find most women in their 30's depressing, though there are exceptions. I know I am no prize but still. I'd rather die laughing with a tattooed, PBR-swilling twenty-something than curl up on a couch and watch 5 minutes of Sex in the City.

If I was a flavor of ice cream right now, I'd be bitter-bitter boy.

Perhaps it's the pulled-pork I ate talking. We all know how swine likes to jump into our souls and take over.

another year over and one foot further in the grave.


Less Than Jake Rocks.

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