Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Hey, Happy July everyone! I figured I would stop by and see how things are going. Seems as though I haven't been posting much, and well if you've been keeping up with the box score, I think you might have an idea as to why.


Yesterday was the great day of nation's independence. Yes, the same nation who lies to us and taps our phones, reads our emails and generally tells us what we should read, see and think. What a wonderfully independent country. *sigh*

Last Saturday night I went out with el capitan, d-lo, kc(d-lo's roommate) and the princess. There were cocktails, dancing and goodtimes had by all. Yes, even by me. kc and I talked most of the night, as the other three rambled on about work, and who the fuck wants to talk shop when you are out having a good time? We danced & drank and danced some more. Some of our friends from the North came in wearing hockey equipment and Canadian flags. kc and I took a break from shaking our groove-thing and she went and talked hockey, scored free drinks and flirted some.

This gave me ample time to have a few cocktails, dance with the princess and perpetuate the over non-anxious-i-thought-this-was-gonna-suck-but-it-doesn't feeling. el capitan was doing his best imiation of a guy trying to dance and not look like a jackass. the princess was trying to help him out, but as we all know, some causes are better off lost. The club closed and we all began the drunken stumble back to d-lo & kc's apartment. The walk was filled with hand-holding and talking non-sense and in my haze, I realized the old adage is true. When you are not looking for someone, you will find them. And if at the time they happen to be involved with someone who, their roommates think is less than perfect, then you are required to steal her away from him.


And so begins my quest for the damsel in distress.

I hope you all are well.


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Giggity, giggity, giggity!
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