Friday, November 03, 2006


A Belated Happy Birthday to Surly Monkey

Tonight was all kinds of fuckered up. I had to work until 5pm. This in itself is blasphemy but I can't say I minded strolling into work
well rested and showered today.

However, the fact that I had to work late really seemed to throw off my nightly routine. You see when I got home, I had the best
intentions of cooking dinner. I did't know what I was going to cook, but it was going to be something. After dinner, there would
be the mandatory post-meal cleaning and then I was going to try and go cover to cover with Forever Odd. A book I have been waiting
about six months to read because, I am too cheap to buy the hardcover and DK thought it would be funny to push the release date
back till Halloween. Great move, I'm sure the book is going to be waaaaaaaaaay scarier with a Halloween release.


So that was the plan. And then I got home, and:

checked the gmail
txt msgd a cowrkr
ate a cookie...needed like an asshole on my elbow
got sleepy, due to the fact the likes to quit early.

So, instead of the aforementioned plan, I:

skipped cooking dinner and wanted to order pizza
took a nappy nap
talked on the phone for a couple of hour with cowrkr
laid out a ton of emotional shit
felt a residual bout of depression coming on and said FUCK THAT
wanted veggie dogs from Spike's
missed that deadline as well
had coffee with W
listened to his story of the breakup and how he will never be emotional again
went to store and picked up some tofu pups
came home and cooked
ate dinner around 12:15am
reading blogs, and listening to B-folds
tofu pups are pretty good
for fake hot dogs
cause in reality,
they are just trying to mimick lips and assholes

work comes early.

I hope you all are well


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