Sunday, November 05, 2006

Good God, NO!

I've been working a lot of nights, which in addition to the damage it has done to my sleep schedule, has also put a little
bit of a hole in my social life, or lack thereof. However, friday night I managed to make it out to the local beereteria for a
drink or two with the buddies. The one thing I learned friday is this: If you are fortunate to be with someone you like, maybe
even love...hold onto them for dear life. I ran into some people I don't even like to associate with at work. I don't know, for me,
spending time with women who get into fistfights with men for the fun of it.....yeah, I'm all set.

So after I pulled the old, "I have to take a shit, I'll be right back..." and moved two feet to the left, the almost fun started again.
A few jokes were told and some football was watched and then it happened. I ran into girls I knew in GRADE SCHOOL.
At this point, I am cursing my luck and scanning the bar for the Candid Camera cameras, the real world crew or even Satan himself.
There were conversations about the hell we all endured, what a raging bitch my mom was in the classroom (and to be fair, in the classrooom,
mom took absolute zero shit) and how even the boy in the wheelchair dissed them. Then we talked about the school bus and how kids threw
gum in their hair and spit on them. While I don't wish anyone any pain. At some point you have to let that shit go, or it owns you.
I'm not only the emo club president, I'm also a client.

So...they finished their drinks just as the ugly lights came on (Cue: Semisonic's Closing Time) We walked out and I think I dodged what
would have been the yuckiest three-some in history. For whatever reason, a burrito and classical music seemed like a better option than
a night filled with the kind of sex that's filled with wailing and sobbing and a ton of bodily fluids no one wants to clean up. Yeah, I know,
I'm a jackhole for turning down a three-some and no other man on the planet has ever done that. Things in life have to feel right for this
jackass and to be honest, that was not even close to right. I'm a good guy and as long as I keep that status, I think I can avoid the flames
my tongue sometimes gets me into.

At any rate, I am working again tonight and more importantly missing the Pats/Colts game. I hope your weekend went better than mine.

I hope you all are well.


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