Sunday, November 12, 2006

Early AM rambling...

Working nights has really messed with my sleep schedule. Being someone who is used to being
up for 6:00 AM or 0:dark-thirty, as it's known in these parts, working 3-11pm is somewhat of a major
pain in the ass. The working part is not bad, boring but not bad. However, either sleeping until work,
or waking up and waiting to go to work is for the birds.

I've been reading a little. I am about 30 minutes away from finishing the second installment of The Odd
Thomas story, Forever Odd, by Dean Koontz. I know...I know...brain candy but I love Dean and he is one
of the few writers who I can pretty much count on to not disappoint. Ice Bound, is another story, but it was
early on in his career, and let's be honest, who hasn't stumbled out of the gate a few times.

I've also jumped into, My Life, by William Jefferson Clinton. Yeah, now that it's out in paperback and now
that I have no social life, there seems no better time than the present. I am about four or five chapters in
and I have to admit I am surprised at how well Wild Bill paints pictures of his childhood. I don't feel I have
read enough to give more of a critique than that but to be honest, I still think Bill is a good man, and one
I would have no qualms about being proud to call my president.

In other news...

My computer is beyond effed up again. Apparently the trouble this time is my own doing. I guess I just
wanted things to work and as we all know, I can't have nice things. So, if I come into some money, I will
pay more $$$ on my student loans. If I come into some more money, than more $$$ will go into my online
savings account. And if by chance I hit the lottery, well then I will just by a mac powerbook and forget all of
this windows tomfoolery.

I made another awesome vegan chili. Mostlikely I will drop some off to my dad later on today. Mom has never
been a fan of chili, mexican or indian food so as far as my vegan cooking goes, for the most part she might be

Please feel free to drop off any recommendations for books, cds, or movies. I'm always up for those.
Anything else you might want to say is very welcome too.

I hope you all are well.


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