Monday, June 21, 2010

the past ten or so days have been som...

the past ten or so days have been somewhat trying.
At this point last week, I was enjoying my first full day in the hospital
as much as one can enjoy their time in the hospital
I had a hunch when I drove myself to the ER, I would be staying
so I packed a bag with the essentials
extra drawers
phone & charger
ipod & charger
NDS & charger
and of course my own personal assortment of toiletries
cause to be honest, that nonsense they give you to wash
up with in the hospital
is just plain nonsense
So I spent my time on the IV
taking pills
taking more pills
being hooked up to more IVS
and generally lamenting the fact I had to 
sit on my ass and burn precious sick time
but I am fortunate in the fact I did not need to have anything 
or scraped or trimmed etc.,
yet another warning shot across my bow
but life has changed somewhat
as I am, "on the needle" now
and as far as I can tell, things seem to be going well
but again its an adjustment 
and its hard 
and not in a good way
my dad is right
when you have diabetes
you have to keep your mind occupied at all times 
cause honestly idle hand DO the Devil's work 
even if that work is only a sammich
Cause you can rationalize yourself out of a piece of carrot cake/bowl of ice cream/candy bar
but to say no to a turkey & cheese sandwich 
when your stomach is YELLING at you
that my friend is a completely different  story
So...I read and write and listen to podcasts 
and game 
and facebook
and dream of being able to work and work out again
can't rush things though
one day at a time
full steam ahead
I hope you all are well.

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