Monday, October 08, 2012


I tried to be slick and work some magic on technology today and it kind of blew up in my face. Nothing major but enough to perturb me, and make me want to take a step away from the drawing board for a moment.

day four on crutches
shits getting old
dressing on my foot is hanging tougher than a new kid
which is a good thing
cause I’m hoping the graft takes place and when they remove said dressing
this upcoming Thursday
I’ll be even closer to being done with weekly dr. appointments

can’t tell if I am coming down with a cold, developing allergies or some combination thereof
either way
getting sick is for the birds, and like the birds, I wish I was heading South
or North
or anywhere out of this forsaken rock

been having some nutty dreams lately
nothing worth mentioning but usually I wake up and have one person from the dream I cannot place and this bothers me
I spent the better part of a half hour this morning, trying to figure out where last nights femme fatale was from
after some cobb-web clearing and the use of the scientific method, a cashier from Stop&Shop was my final answer. Whether or not it was the Manton Store, or Mariner Square is yet to be determined.

I’m now keeping a notebook right next to my bed, in order to write down dreams or anything else noteworthy, should they wake me. If nothing else, it may be more fodder for me to talk about or post here. Don’t all three of you get over-excited on me, all at once.

Hmmm, these sniffles are starting to feel vaguely like post-nasal drip. I need that like I need a second asshole, on my forehead. Better hit the hay. Lord knows I don’t log anywhere enough beauty sleep anymore, let alone enough to keep me reasonably healthy.

I hope you all are well.


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